IJ Law is a Business Law Firm specialising in technology law. We service all areas of legal practice to run a successful business and we are solicitors with many years of inhouse and external (private practice) legal experience.

Whether you are a start-up or an established player looking to take the next step in your evolution, we advise and guide you through the legal, compliance and commercial issues to give you comfort  and competitive advantage no matter what your field. 

With extensive City experience, we represent businesses globally. 

Based in the UK with an affiliate office in Chandigarh, India for our personal NRI and business clients, we are proud of our achievements. 

Give us a call and let’s see how we can help you.

We provide unrivalled expertise to businesses across the world.

IJ Law handles a diverse range of legal matters with experience from many industry verticals including AdTech, Media, the Automobile, Engineering, Banking, both investment and retail, FMCG, and Life Sciences. 

How we provide our services:

We can act as your inhouse solicitors or provide specific legal advice, specialising in providing tailored and client centric legal resources, full time, part-time or as you deem fit.

We are flexible and understand the pressures companies and inhouse legal teams face. We can add value to your organisation by acting as your inhouse legal team and that includes managing your external lawyers to ensure you get value for money and understand their legalese.

We are City trained solicitors with the local touch.

Companies we have worked for


My business, an eCommerce site received a letter from the renowned and iconic motorcycle company’s lawyers saying that we were infringing their intellectual property rights and that we must stop selling some of our wide range of products. Naturally, this concerned me and I went to see IJ Law as they are experts in intellectual property. They wrote a great response. Washington Redskins and the Exeter Chiefs come to mind. He compared what the colonisers of the USA did to the Native Americans in their push to the Wild West and that the Nazis would have been proud of it! Simply outstanding and creative. Needless to say, I never heard from the iconic motorcycle brand’s legal team again. Great work that gave me the peace of mind that I had experts looking after my back.

P Harmsworth

CEO PJ Trading Co

IJ Law came in at a critical time to help us with one of our biggest and high-profile clients as advisors to the Global General Counsel for a 6-week stint. They did so well, they stayed there for nearly a year. Their resilience in the face of adversity in this high profile role was just outstanding, where others crumbled, they just kept calm and did what they had to do. Very impressive!

 We are in constant touch with IJ Law as you never know when we may need a very safe pair of hands again. Indeed, they are more than happy to go above and beyond and always willing to help at short notice or just when I call. It is reassuring to have them on our side, their integrity and enthusiasm are catching.

Raj Mehta

CEO and Founder Contego Group

IJ Law joined our team as our Inhouse counsel in 2010 and brought a level of expertise and interpersonal skill that took many of our commercial projects from strength to strength. They helped our project teams on many issues, including public procurement contracts, contracts with suppliers, complaints, community cohesion, corporate social responsibility, and data protection. Their ability to read the situation and react was very impressive. Their advice and attention to detail were outstanding. We are more than happy to recommend IJ Law without reservation.

Ian Kite

Former CEO BEST Academies

I have worked with IJ Law on multiple projects within HR category. Among these projects, they helped me put together terms and conditions for recruitment & headhunting agencies. By involving them, we unlocked a critical project in a couple of weeks. In all projects, they shared their extensive knowledge and experience to develop my understanding of the legal issues, which was great for my development as a corporate buyer.

If an opportunity came, I would work with IJ Law again without any hesitation.


Senior Associate at GEP Worldwide

I worked with IJ Law on a number of key and large indirect procurement projects at Nomad Foods. Given their extensive experience, they were very good at understanding the business requirements and producing a legal contract that could be worked well in practice, which was critical.

I always enjoyed working with them, as their commercial acumen, development of practical solutions, and ability to turn projects round in a short space of time was very much appreciated. Given that some of this work was across multiple European territories, this was of great help and support to my team.

Chris Kidd

Global Product Sourcing Manager at Air Products

IJ Law came in to assist me while I was building the legal function at Nomad Foods. I enjoyed having Inder around; his experience and his calming influence in a very busy department were visible and welcome within the legal team and the wider stakeholder group within the firm.

His all-round and very senior commercial experience was much appreciated and this enabled me to delegate some high profile work to him. He got on well with the business and made sure that the work allocated to him got done. His attention to detail and immense legal knowledge was welcome, he shared it and made it sound simple. I liked having him around at a critical time for Nomad Foods in which he helped me and would have no hesitation in working with him again.



Anja van Bergen

Global General Counsel and Member of the Board

IJ Law came in at short notice to assist me with a GDPR project which Altea Consulting was managing in the digital media sector. They picked up the work we were doing around GDPR very quickly using their expertise in data protection, commercial, and technology law. They used their experience and knowledge of different business verticals and effectively supported me as deputy DPO on a number of matters. I could always rely on them to take a calm and pragmatic approach to complete client projects. I enjoy working with IJ Law, they have built up a good working knowledge of the online advertising AdTech sector and developed excellent working relationships with key stakeholders.

I wish them well.

Phillip Rees

EU DPO Omnicom Media Group, Owner Altea Consulting

We were looking for a law firm that understood our global business and we certainly found that with IJ Law. They made the bridge between the legal and commercial world seem simple and always did a great job, on time, and in the budget.

Their quick grasp of our business, road engineering, and technology was outstanding as is their understanding of international commercial law. This certainly helped with our owners in China. They were great and empathetic negotiators and taught me all about the BATNA and how to use it successfully especially when we bought a company in South Africa. Their reassuring presence in a highly complex deal was outstanding. I have no hesitation in giving this recommendation.

Barry Goff

MD PaveTesting International

IJ-Law has been an outstanding addition in helping facilitate our growth at an extremely challenging time. Always on hand, providing reassuring, pragmatic, and commercial advice, the team was able to adapt to understand our business requirements.

As an example, they helped us with a challenging project and client in the technology sector in Australia. We had confidence in their ability and they did not disappoint. Our client was happy and instructed them personally, even though they were based in an opposite time zone.

It has been a pleasure being represented internationally by IJ-Law. I would recommend them to anyone in need of agile, adaptable, and disruptive legal services delivered in a very professional manner with integrity and resilience.

Samir Gupta

Director CP Advisors