About us

Who we are

IJ Law Ltd was founded in 2009 with the vision of helping versatile and disruptive companies to compete successfully with the legal departments and expensive lawyers employed in the corporate world. In employment matters, this includes individuals.

This business model has worked for many smaller companies wishing to grow and compete successfully.  What if, like the large global organisations, you also had your own legal team?

Our view is that sophisticated and scaling companies should know the importance of legal compliance. They can use it both as a sword and a shield, to attack and to defend. In our experience, it is usually too late when legal problems hit and you are on the back-foot. If, on the other hand your legal interests are looked after by someone who understands your business, any threat is managed effectively. 

It’s a perception issue. If you are serious enough to invest in a legal team, your customers will take you seriously. That is why they have legal teams.  They know external legal advice is costly and perceived as a last resort. They use their legal muscle strategically but think twice if you have your own legal team. 

How we can help you

We understand the commercial world and how deals are done. We think of creative commercial solutions as things can and often do change throughout any deal’s lifecycle. The most competitive organisations adapt. Sometimes, it’s a matter of survival.

We love to learn new things and adapt our thinking to how we deliver our service. Change and innovation are what we are all about as the world of work changes all around us. 

Our company is built on our values and ethics. We don’t just advise on doing things right, but doing the right thing, perhaps to gain a competitive advantage, perhaps to play the games of the corporate world but in all cases to win, to win by the rules, but to win. The great thing is, through our experience we know how to be proactive in the ever-changing and challenging world of business. 


IJ Law is global. We have a presence in the UK and India through our trusted affiliate and have solid experience in conducting business and cutting deals across Europe, North America, South America, South Africa, Australia, and across Asia.  

We are City trained solicitors with the local touch.


Extraordinary Experiences

We have real world experience from actually working in-house with many blue chip organisations, putting up with politics, the race to get to the top, and the harder job of staying there as you are attacked by new entrants or disruptors. We enjoy it.

We have experience from some of the largest organisations in the world as well as SME’s who benefit from this experience.

Our service gives you that edge. Your customers will know that you are a serious company and give you the respect and the audience with their legal teams, in their ivory towers!

Our Core Values

From start of negotiations to fulfilment of projects, we can be there for you.