Adtech, digital advertising and ecommerce

Media and digital communications over the internet are vital tools to keep your customers aware of your offerings, whether it is advertising or selling through ecommerce or Software as a Service offerings (SaaS) through your websites. 

Our Media and AdTech practice deals with all aspects of internet marketing. We have worked with the biggest players in the media market and we can help you if you are advertising on the internet through Programmatic or the Real Time Bidding infrastructure.

We understand the AdTech marketing ecosystem and the effects GDPR and the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) has had in addition to the ICO’s existing investigation in to the industry. There is no doubt that the AdTech industry is facing major challenges, almost to an extent existential. We can help you see through it and adapt, we can act as your DPO or advise on a consultancy basis.

Through our knowledge of AdTech, Data, AI (artificial intelligence and machine learning) and GDPR we have worked with major players in the media sector at a global level, acting as inhouse counsel with LiveRamp and Omnicom Media Group. As such, we have experience of the everyday challenges with brands (advertisers), agencies and publishers. We helped them and can help you with the following:

– Digital and Online Marketing, Programmatic Advertising. ICO Investigation in to AdTech Industry

–  Google and use of 3rd party Cookies

–  Website and Ecommerce Advertising

–  GDPR and data protection compliance with use of 3rd Party, 1st Party, 2nd party and 0 party data

–  Programmatic advertising data flows from brands, publishers, suppliers, intermediaries, data brokers

–  Consent Management

 – IAB TSF 2.0 SaaS terms

–  Measurement, Targeting, Analytic and Profiling Services

–  Data Monetisation by brands and publishers.

–  Match-Test and Match-Back

–  Modelling Services

–  Third Party Access

–  Data Access Contracts

–  Data Buyer Contracts

–  Onboarding Service Provision Agreements

–  Ad-fraud

–  Master Services provision

–  Data Sharing Agreements

–  Data Reseller

–  Referral Agreements

–  Data Access

–  Platform Integration

–  Google Store Sales Direct Services

–  International Data Processing Terms

Contracts negotiated with amongst many others:


AA, Betway, Boots, BT, EUNET France, CarCow, Sainsburys, Dunhumby, Game Retail, Global, GSK, HostelWorld, ITV, Just Eat, Kepler, Kimberley Clark, LV, Movio Snapchat, Omnis Investments, Paddy Power, PSA Citroen, Nestle, Renault, Samsung, Shell, , SNAP, Sony, Spotify, Svorn, Talk Talk, Telegraph, Guardian, William Hill, the Trade Desk, Unilever, United Healthcare, Velocity, Vero, Vision Direct, WPP, Airbus, British Heart Foundation, Clarkes. Daimler AG, Volkswagen AG, Easyjet, Sainsburys, Mcain, GSK, Liberty Global, Renault Nissan, Vodafone


Adforms, Semasio, Lolagrove, Retargetly, Anonimix.


Group M, Publicis, Omnicom Media Group, Mediacom, WPP, PHD, OMD, FUSE, 

AS the chart above shows, this is not an easy area, its complicated and once data is in the eco-system, multiple actors get their hands on it to exploit it. Are they doing it with the data subject’s consent? This is what the ICO are currently investigating.

Case study

In May 2018, we were contacted by the DPO of OMG with an urgent request to help in their GDPR compliance programme. We went in for a 3 month term and worked with all of their major clients either amend their existing contracts or to agree new DPAs. this project with over 100 counterparties was completed successfully after which we were tasked of agreeing GDPR terms with their suppliers and to help with compliance with Annallect, their digital AdTech Agency.

Working with clients

We work closely with clients as we need to understand their business model and use of data under GDPR. Our knowledge and experience working inhouse sets us apart from other solicitors.