commercial contract

Signed contracts are the value and net worth of any organisation. Guaranteed revenue generation is key especially if you are looking for investment or an exit.

As commercial lawyers, we are experts in contract law. We have drawn up and negotiated many commercial contracts with some of the most high-profile companies and legal departments in the world. We understand the deal and what it takes to get a robust and workable contract in place whilst understanding the needs of all parties.

Contracts should protect all parties. We review terms to ensure they are robust, suit the workflow, and protect your business.

We are experts in negotiating limitations of liability, warranties and indemnities, terms that are vital for all technology companies.

Once negotiated, we also assist in the actual implementation of the contract and if required to help the parties in a pragmatic way to find solutions to issues that do arise from time to time, like variations, performance, SLAs, and potential remedies.

We have helped firms of all sizes and we use our experience of having worked as in-house solicitors to gauge mindset and help companies of all sizes, from startup to scaleup.

Our expertise in contract includes:

–  Business contracts of all sorts, including Employment contracts

–  Standard Terms and Conditions of trading

–  Advertising and marketing

–  Consumer Law

–  E-commerce

– Intellectual Property Licensing and SaaS

–  International trade

–  Outsourcing

–  Preliminary agreements

–  Public procurement

–  Supply of goods and services

– Data Protection and AdTech


Case Study

Properly drawn up Contracts are vital for all organisations. Get it wrong and sign anything put in front of you for fear of pushing back is the wrong mindset. We have helped many companies in this situation who are effectively being bullied, not a nice thing to happen when your livelihood and that of your employees depends on revenue generation. Through our expertise we challenge the status quo, represent the commercial interests of both parties and put the deal back on course. Thus strengthening the relationship and in some cases generating more business.

Working with clients

We only review contracts with the mindset of doing the deal. We never over-lawyer anything but take the most pragmatic and cost-effective approach.