dispute resolution, mediation, adr

In the commercial world, unfortunately things go wrong and disputes may occur especially as money is always involved. 

Our view is that litigation is the last resort once all other options are no longer on the table. Unless there is no alternative, a negotiated settlement is always the best. It saves management time, stress and money. 

We have proven ability to find creative solutions; we get there by understanding the facts and, more importantly, the facts through the eyes of both parties. In our view, once a dispute gets to court, the party who tells the “truth” the best, or with deeper pockets invariably wins. In fact, the courts actually encourage settlement.

Our practice revolves around commercial dispute settlement. We do not conduct litigation.  we leave that to the experts who we engage and manage on your behalf as consultants. Indeed, we can instruct particularly good counsel (barristers) on direct access basis and we work with them so that there is nothing that is left behind. This works out much cheaper than firstly instructing litigation solicitors, who in turn instruct counsel. We just go direct and cut out the middleman.

Our USP is that we can help you with keeping any dispute out of court by seeking alternative routes. To us, its good to talk and bring opposing sides together and settling disputes through negotiating in good faith. It is surprising how people can come together to sort out their differences.

Advantages: saves money, time and may even keep long term and cherished relationships intact.

We are experts in negotiating good outcomes but, sometimes we also understand that the court is the only option.

Our expertise:

–  ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolution

–  Adjudication

–  Early neutral evaluation

–  Expert determination

–  Mediation

–  Dispute resolution clauses in commercial agreements